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Delivering certified IP Video Surveillance expertise to help you get through any sized job today, or to help you learn successful IPVS design and installations techniques!

IPVS Solution Design

Differential Networks has designed hundreds of IPVS solutions. If you have a job at hand, we can step in and very quickly evaluate the customer's requirements and produce an efficient, cost-effective, leading-edge solution for you to quote and sell. In addition, we will show you a tried and true Excel-based method that will allow you to easily and quickly revise the solution and provide "what-if" analysis based on a global GP% company goal. Once sold, the same spreadsheet becomes your Bill of Materials and tracks P.O.s and other installation-specific information (serial numbers, passwords, etc).


IPVS Demonstrations

Need someone to bring a solution out to a prospective customer site? Seeing is believing, especially with IPVS; its even more effective when we take test shots of analog cameras to place alongside multi-megapixel cameras. We can quickly and cost-effectively bring cameras to potential sites and capture real video images during the day or night. We export the video on a DVD that includes the VMS player for you to give to your customer for evaluation.

IPVS Solution Review

Just want another set of eyes to review your IPVS solutions for accuracy? We can save you amazing amounts of money by catching incompatibilities BEFORE providing a quote to your customer! What can go wrong? Incompatibilities between cameras & video management software or mounts, excessive bandwidths, network limitations, insufficient power, and the list goes on and on (and on). Also, we may be able to provide a better value solution that provides for higher profit AND less cost to the customer by proposing alternate IPVS components!


Sales/Technical Assistance

Need a virtual salesperson or Systems Engineer? We can do that, too! Consider having us temporarily joining your team for your IPVS opportunities, from onsite design through installation and ongoing support. You can decide to have Différetial Networks involve your staff as much or as little as you like during the entire process.  Contact us today via email for support at or call us at  360-366-8123.

Education & Training

What does CCTV have in common with IPVS? Cameras! That's it! CCTV has no Cat-5e cabling, Network Switches, VMS Software, or commodity Windows servers. Also, CCTV cameras have two or three settings per IPVS camera routinely has dozens! If your company wants to get into IP Video Surveillance, consider having Differential Networks use real world experience to train your sales and technical reps. We even recommend on-the-job training, the fastest way to your goal of being IPVS self-sufficient!


IT System Support

Differential Networks also provides customized IT consulting, thoughtful technology solutions and support services for small and medium-sized businesses. We help our clients lower their operating costs and leverage technology to achieve their business objectives by providing a strategic approach, exceptional service and IT expertise.  Contact us today via email at or call us at 360-366-8123 to set up an appointment today.


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