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About Us

We are an IT consulting team that partners with clients to elevate their IT security skills and knowledge in crafting, deploying, and supporting intelligent and leading-edge IP Security Solutions.

Differential Networks has it's roots as an IT consulting company that has specialized in IP Video Surveillance design. We have a broad set of IPVS consultant skills that range from design to support, from cameras and mounts to software installation and tailoring to network design and integration. Our customers include many Puget Sound security integrators who have had trouble bridging the gap between CCTV and IPVS.

Our experience ranges across MANY video management solutions, from hardware to software and integration of third party solutions like access control, video analytics, central monitoring, and many, many more. We know the players, we know the game, and we are very good at it! We can get your company up to IPVS speed in no time! 

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