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Technically Different
Where Physical Security and IT Converge
IP-Based Physical Security Solutions is Our Thing.
We thoroughly understand IT and can help you
cultivate new IP customers.

We are an IT consulting team that partners with clients to elevate their IT security skills and knowledge in crafting, deploying, and supporting intelligent and leading-edge IP Video Surveillance Solutions.

Our Mission

IP Video Surveillance

Correctly designing, installing, and supporting integrated IP Video Surveillance solutions is difficult. We can act as your IPVS network resource.  We speak IT and SECURITY, providing you with the technical bridge you need for successful IPVS installations.

Access Control is the most common solution that is installed alongside IP Video Surveillance. We know how to elecrify any door, securing entrances beyond simple brass keys.

Networking Experts

Differential Networks expertise includes a thorough and expert knowledge of networking and other IT basic knowledge that is absolutely essential for crafting and supporting solid IPVS solutions for a variety of environments and dynamic situations.

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